About Us – Who is 1300 Pest Control?

1300 Pest Control is Australia’s fastest growing Pest Control company.

1300 Pest Control is  Australia’s fastest growing Pest Control company where we aim to offer all clients an easy way to purchase quality Pest Control and Termite Services from our members who have expert knowledge and service for their local areas .  

The Australian Pest Control Industry is a highly fragmented industry with over 2500 mostly micro business offering Pest Control services. Sadly, approximately half these businesses are NOT Insured or Licenced!

1300 Pest Control is the Pest Control Number that customers KNOW and can TRUST.  

  1. Full range of Pest Control and Termite services available.
  2. Fully licenced.
  3. Fully insured.
  4. Our products are environmentally friendly.
  5. Our product are safe to use around children and animals.
  6. We currently service domestic, commercial, government, hospitality, real estate and industry clientele.   

When you call 1300 Pest Control, your call will be answered in an office by a Pest expert. When you ask for a free Fast Quote, we will respond quickly.

The phone number is extremely easy to remember – dial it once and you will never forget it and long after we have serviced you, the quality will remain.

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