Pest Control Bendigo

1300 Pest Control is the Pest Control Number YOU KNOW & TRUST!

We offer competitive prices on all Bendigo Pest Control Services.

To speak with one of our friendly Pest experts call us on 1300 PEST CONTROL (1300 737 826)

Our Bendigo Pest Control Services are covered by Warranties *

If the pests bug you within the Warranty period, we will come back and retreat the property free of charge.


1300 Pest Control Guarantees QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Quality Termite Control & Pest Control Services

Use only environmentally friendly products that are safe around children & animals

Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association member that comply with Australian Standards

Latest Pest Control Practices, Products & Technology, including Thermal Imaging to detect Termites

Integrated Pest Management for Residential and Commercial clients

Trust our Fully Licenced & Fully Insured Pest Controllers who provide Warranties

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Pest Control Bendigo

  • Termite Barriers Bendigo – Termite Inspection Bendigo – Termite Treatments Bendigo

    Professional Pest Control Services

    We are a Pest Control Company that use only environmentally friendly products that are safe to use around children and animals. We abide by Australian Standards, and hold relevant licences and insurances to provide peace of mind for our residential and commercial clients.

  • Our Pest Controllers are trained to carry out thorough Pest Control Services on your property for all General Pest Control, Pest Infestations by insects and rodents, Termite Barriers, Termite Control and Termite Treatments.
  • Our Pest Inspection and Pest Treatment cover every surface where the bugs might go, including inside your home or office and outside in the yard and garden. We even go up into the roof where insects breed without human intervention and eventually make their way into your home or office seeking food scraps and water. Few Pest Control Companies are as thorough as 1300 Pest Control.
  • When you call or email us for a Free Fast Quote, please advise if you have any specific pest problems, so we can pass this information onto our Pest Controller.

    Our Pest Controllers are experienced and fully accredited to carry out Termite Inspections and carry the appropriate Licence and Insurance.

    We thoroughly examine and report on all timber and other accessible materials such as structural timber frames, joists, rafters & bearers & any joinery. Our Termite Inspections take into account all internal areas to a building including basements and roof voids as well as a thorough external examination of the property, taking into account surface work to foundation soils, outdoor landscape timbers, pavers, trees and tree stumps.

    A written Termite Inspection report will be provided following the Termite Inspection documenting any Evidence of Termite and other Timber Pest Activity as well as current conditions conducive to Termite attack.

    The Termite Inspection is performed with an array of tools and thorough Visual Inspection of the premises, including a Moisture Meter to find timber with high moisture content and a Thermal tool to detect termite activity.

    1300 Pest Control support Industry best practices and keep up to date with the continuing improvements in Termite Inspection, Termite Treatment and Termite Prevention.

    To speak with one of our friendly Pest experts call us on 1300 PEST CONTROL (1300 737 826)

    1300 Pest Control offer a diverse range of Bendigo Pest Control services for all Residential, Commercial and Government customers.

    General Bendigo Pest Control for Cockroaches, Silverfish and Spiders

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