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by Pest Controller on June 17, 2018

Building and Pest Inspection experts are on call 1300 737 826

Need a building and pest inspection in Brisbane? Our building inspectors are both qualified builders and licenced timber pest experts.


White Ants or Termite damage can run into tens of thousands and eating wood from the inside out. Often active termites are found when most of the damage is done. Therefore when purchasing a property it’s important that part of your purchasing due diliegence should include a building and pest inspection.


Building and Pest Inspections are commonly known as a pre purchase inspection, building report or simply as a building and pest . These reports cover both the structual integraty of the dwelling and the likihood of it being infested with damaging timber pests.


Building Inspection Report

1300 Pest Control building inspections are in accordance with Australian Standards 4349.1. All our building inspectors are fully licenced, trained and insured as required by the Building Services Authority.

The visual inspection covers all parts on the interior and exterior of the property. Cracks, movement, defects and safety concerns will all be noted in the report. Your property will be compared to another property with similar characteristics, age and build type. Then all variations to the normal condition will be outlind in the report.


Timber Pest Inspection Report

It’s important that the inspector that carries out the timber pest inspection has a timber pest licence and is not just a qualified builder.

All timber and structual frames, joists, rafters and bearers plus any joinery is thoroughly examined and reported on. Inside and outside are included in the report as is outdoor landscaping timbers, pavers, trees and tree stumps.

Pest Inspections will state if there is evidence of timber pest activity as well as conditions that are favourable to timber pests.

1300 Pest Control will report on any Pest Management Systems that are inplace protecting your property.  If no protection is inplace, we can create a proposal on a Termite Management System to reduce the likelihood of any future Timber Pest Infestations.


So when you are ready to buy, we would live the opportunity to conduct your pre purchase inspections. 1300 Pest Control is a trusted company for a building and pest inspection in Brisbane.


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