Flying Ants | Flying Termites | Swarming Ants or Termites?

by 1300PestControl on February 8, 2016

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Flying Ants and Flying Termites

In hot and humid conditions, swarming ants and termites take flight.


Why do Ants and Termites Squarm?

The purpose of ants and termites swarming is to breed and create new colonies but swarming does not always result in a new colony being established.


Swarming Ants and Termites with Wings

Swarming ants and termites with wings can be quite a spectacular sight but may be worrying to the home owner who commonly asks the difference between swarming ants vs termites.


Swarming Ants vs Termites

Ants are usually brown or black in colour vs Termites are pale yellow or cream in colour

Ants are narrow waisted vs Termites have thick, fat body

Ants Antennae are shaped like an elbow vs Termites Antennae resemble a string of beads


Worried about an Ant or Termite Swarm?

For most of us, the most valuable asset we own is our home, so for peace of mind and best practice Termite Control, it’s vital to commission an annual Termite Inspection.

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