Get Rid of Bedbugs – True Story

bed bug infestation in a mattress seam

by 1300PestControl on February 17, 2019

1300 Pest Control is not trained in bed bug management. Contact a larger pest company with a specialist bed bug technician.

Bedbugs were once a common pest world wide but their numbers declined rapidly when now banned pesticides and control methods were used for their eradication.


The number of bedbug incidences reported in Australian homes and accomodation is on the increase.


It is estimated that bedbugs have cost the Australian hospitality industry $100 million annually!


Bedbugs will hitch a ride from your hotel room to your home. Staying in a hotel with a large number of stars won’t protect you. Bedbug infestations are being reported in all types of accommodation, from five star to backpackers.


The story below is a true account of a Bedbug job. Initially the problem seemed small and controllable. It was only after moving house, and the bedbugs followed, that they decided to call on help from the experts.


The holiday that became a nightmare….

Bedbugs came home, probably just a few insects on the suitcase.


Numbers grew, until the home became so infested with bedbugs that the family felt they had no way to escape.


They threw away almost all of their belongings; their beds, linen, clothes & a couch.


In desperation they moved to a new home in an attempt to escape the agonising itching.


But soon after moving they realised that they had bought bedbugs with them to their new home.


1300 Pest Control were called in and arranged a thorough inspection of the home, located many bedbug harbourages & treated the infestation using mainly heat & steam for a fraction of the price that moving house & replacing clothes & bedding cost.


Finally, the family will be sure that they have escaped the holiday souvenir that bad dreams are made of.


Bedbugs cannot live on people as they don’t have a body part that they can use to clasp & hold on with, instead they seek shelter after feeding in dark areas close to where people sleep.


Nymphs can survive a couple of months, adults more than a year without a blood meal. It is usually more than a month after someone leaves their bedbugs behind that complaints are received.


Take a look at our Bedbug Checklist page to find out about ways of identifying Bedbugs and easy prevention measures you can to take to stop their spread into your home.


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