Pest Management – an integrated approach

by 1300PestControl on February 10, 2019

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Integrated Pest Management is the modern day way of treating and controlling Pests and Pest Animals in the home, in the yard, in the field or in the restaurant.


Gone are the days that we need to bring out the can of insecticide for every creepy crawly that we come across.

  • Firstly, we would be over polluting our environment and the environment of all of of those around us.
  • Secondly there may be better methods for control and pest elimination.
  • Thirdly, we wouldn’t be addressing the root cause of the pest infestation.


When calling on a Professional Pest Controller to help address any pest problems you may have then be sure to ask about any Integrated Pest Management approach that they can recommend instead of just issuing a treatment.


A good Pest Controller is a professional who understands pest biology and has knowledge on a wide array of pest eradication methods – what works best under different situations and what is best for you and your environment.


New information on best practices in pest control methods is always evolving.  Pesticides are still drawn on widely but even with this form of chemical control there are better and safer products being introduced to the market and a ‘less is more’ attitude is the way of thought.  Pest Controllers these days are also knowledgeable about the products they use and what, if any, side effects or environmental problems they are able to cause.


Integrated Pest Management also takes into account Pest Prevention, Sanitation, Exclusion, Elimination of food, water sources, pest harbourages, and the natural environment.


Not all landscapes are the same. Houses are made differently and belong to  different locations, climates, populations etc.  Not all commercial locations are the same also, some belong to the food industry, others heavy industrial and others are considered sensitive locations such as hospitals and child care centres where additional consideration of pesticide use is mandatory.


Whatever the pest, wherever they are found, there will be a Pest Control expert who will be able to tailor a solution for your situation.

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