Licenced and Insured Pest Controller

All Pest Technicians are required to be licenced however some are not and even more do not have adequate Insurance cover.

Licencing and Insurance is designed to protect pest control operators, consumers, members of the public, and the environment from the harmful effects of pesticides.

Licenced Pest Controller

Licences are granted by separate State authorities such as the Department of Health or Human Services.

Generally, most States will grant the following licences:

  • trainee
  • pest management technician
  • pest management with timber pest and fumigation licences.

To become a Licenced Pest Controller, Pest Technicians are required to undertake and complete specific components within the Certificate Asset Maintenance III or an equivalent, approved course.

Pest Controllers who operate outside of their State or Territory are usually required to obtain an interstate licence.

For verification of Licenced Pest Controller details you can contact your local state authority.

Insurance – there are two main types of insurance cover that all Pest Companies should have but not everyone does.

Professional Indemnity.  This cover is considered essential. It covers claims arising from professional negligence, errors and omissions.

Professional Indemnity Insurance also covers advice provided either by the spoken or written word. It specifically covers claims arising out of inspections, quotations and where you perform a treatment that proves unsuccessful for whatever reason.

Public Liability (Public Risk) Insurance covers injury to persons, other than employees or yourself that are of result of your normal business activities.

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