How to choose a Pest Controller

by 1300PestControl on April 22, 2018

Choosing a Pest Controller

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Pest Control & Pest Controllers – choose wisely.

Choosing a pest controller should be more involved than merely picking the cheaper of a few quotes.


Be wary of those offering heavy discounts.  It could mean that you have done really well and have a reputable operator who is doing his best to win some new clients by discounting but you could also be dealing with a dodgy operator, not fully qualified or adequately trained.


Someone not insured, carrying out inferior pest control services with inferior products!  It may actually cost you a lot more in the long run.

When Pest Controllers are not what they seem.

How do you make sure your choice of pest controller is the right one?


Sometimes it isn’t as straight forward as you would like as unfortunately there is a huge variance in quality with termite and pest control work in general.  Just ask some Pest Controllers themselves and most will tell you that there is a credibility problem within the industry here in Australia with potentially around half of Pest Controllers delivering either sub standard services, not adhering to Australian Standards, operating without adequate insurance or the appropriate license.


Apart from those rogue traders there are also the  extremely credible Pest Control businesses and technicians out there who care about their work, reputation and their clients.

Things to consider.

Is the technician servicing your site fully licenced? Technicians that hold training licenses should be supervised where different levels of supervision exist for different treatments.


Ask if license details can be provided – either a current certificate or a license number that can be checked with the appropriate state licencing body (referred to in the below links).


What experience has the technician had? Is it relevant to the treatment you require? Pest Control can involve General Pest Treatments, Timber & Pest Inspections, Termite Prevention and Eradication treatments, Bed Bug Elimination, and the list goes on.  Be aware of the experience the technician has had regarding the Pest Control service you are seeking.


What is involved in the service? It is important to get a fair idea about what will be involved.  Eg. You may have two vastly different quotes for termite barriers but the systems they are quoting on could be also extremely different, some may involve regular monitoring that hasn’t be quoted on, some only prevent single point entry or inferior baits, etc.


There is also an array of chemical treatment options; some are more environmentally friendly and less toxic than others.  A good Pest Controller should be able to offer several options depending on the environment that is being treated.


What other qualifications do the company/ technician have that is relevant? Most Termite related systems require Pest Controllers to be individually accredited for installation and/or monitoring of that system.


Some Pest Controllers also hold Blue Card Certificates (child safety), First Aid training, TimberSafe accreditations to name a few.  About half of all companies are members of AEPMA, the Australian Environmental Pest Management Association which acts as the main Industry Association in Australia.


It isn’t vital to the quality of a Pest Managers workmanship to be involved in this association however Members are required to be licenced & insured and abide by a Code of Conduct.


Some companies hold PestCert Accreditations, the Industries own accreditation system.  Others are ISO Accredited although generally these accreditations are too costly for the average Pest Controllers and mostly attract commercially focused companies who tender for contract business.


Whatever it is, you can be sure that the professional Pest Controller will have undergone many other forms of ongoing training from the basic course units required for licensing.

Things to avoid.

People offering sub-standard pest control services will typically:


Not look the part. They tend to have none to very minimum signage on their vehicles which are usually utilities with a tradesman box on the back.  Pest Control is a professional trade most good operators have purpose built vans, utilities and storage areas that are clearly branded with company signage.


Don’t talk the talk. Avoid the operator that does not wish to engage in conversation and who is not willing to explain what treatment is required or any detail about the pest they are treating.  All Pest Controllers should have etymological training on pest species and have indepth knowledge of treatment options.


Don’t have purpose designed equipment. If your Pesty is armed with only a screw driver for tapping on walls for a Termite Inspection then you may be getting less than you paid for.  These days, moisture meters &/or Termatrac detection equipment are seen as a minimum requirement for Inspections.  Vehicles should also be equipped with long ladders & specific tools with chemicals stored in bunded areas on the vehicle.


No Paper Trail. All Pest Inspections should be followed up with a full Pest Inspection Report.  This should be detailed for every room in the house out to 50m from the building.  Company and Inspector details including license numbers should be clearly stated on all reports.


Pest Controllers should be armed with business cards (or fridge magnets) for ease of future contact. Service stickers should be used in the meter box or underneath the kitchen sink to reference not just the company and technician but also the service provided and the chemicals that have been administered in the treatment process.


MSDSs (Material Safety Data Sheets) should be kept on each vehicle at all times and copies should be made available on request.


Don’t advertise licence details. Watch out for some operators who advertise in local papers without displaying their licence numbers. They may not have a current pest control license or only hold a trainee permit.


Do not have adequate insurance. It is recommended that the minimum cover should be $500,000 Professional Indemnity and $5,000,000 Public Liability cover.  Each company should be able to present a copy of their certificate on request.

Finding a Good Pest Manager.

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Your home is your castle where your cherished loved ones reside.  Don’t charge just anyone with a ute and some chemicals to these things that are most precious.  Pest Control is one of those areas where it pays to use professionals every time.

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