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by 1300PestControl on July 1, 2018

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In Australia, particularly Queensland it is paramount to be protected againstĀ  termites. Eating timber from the inside out makes it near on impossible to detect termites without the proper equipment. We carry out extensive Pest Inspections in Brisbane everyday. Our inspectors are fully trained and insured to carry out Property Inspections looking for Building and Pest damage.


When purchasing a property a Pre Purchase Inspection will state the property’s health. Our inspectors will carry out a thorough investigation of the home or office and will note the findings in two reports. A Building Report and a Termite Pest Inspection Report, which are governed by Australian Standards.


Pest Inspections detect termite activity and if done annually, can find termite activity before any damage to your structure is excessive.


Signs of Termite damage or infestation

  1. Wood that sounds hollow when tapped.
  2. Gaps in or crumbling wooden beams.
  3. Termite mud tubes or tunnels which run above ground and protect termites.


We specialise in Termite Pest Control. Customers come to us for a Termite Inspection and if active termites are found we carry out a Termite Treatment. Most customers then will have a termite barrier installed to ensure future protection against White Ants or other timber pests.


Experience matters and with 1300 Pest Control leading the way with Pest Inspections around Brisbane you know you are in good hands.


Call 1300 737 826 for a friendly pest expert.



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