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Possum in Rafters

by 1300PestControl on March 14, 2017

1300 Pest Control does not have a licence for Possum Removal but we do eradicate rats and mice.

Contact a Possum Removal expert who can Possum Proof your roof and trap the possum humanely.

Do you suspect you’ve heard Possum noises and think it’s time to call a Possum Man?

The Possum who came to live in your roof void is an Australian Marspial and a protected animal. Possums must not be killed, instead should be relocated nearby or if required, to be released in bushland.

Possum or Rat in Roof?

Possum sounds can be easily confused with Rats and Mice. Both Possums and Rodents are creatures that like to live within roof voids and wall cavities so the first step is to accurately identify the pest & the extent of the problem in order to advise on the appropriate action to take. Our experienced Possum Catcher will be able to identify whether it is a possum or rat in your roof based on signs such as droppings & foot prints and evidence of a possum nest.

Possum Traps

The complete process to trap a Possum in a cage for release must be done humanely. The bait used in a Possum trap in all instances should be non-toxic & consist mainly of possum favoured foods such as fruit & honey.

Possum Proofing

Once the Possum in Roof has been caught and it is determined that no further possums remain within the roof void or wall cavity, it is important to Possum proof the roof by sealing any cracks or crevices and replacing any tiles that could be entry points to stop the possum returning.

Possum Removal Cost

The cost of Possum Removal can vary depending on the extent of possum proofing required. We charge a minimum call out fee for the initial inspection and then provide a fixed quote to remove the possum and possum proof the roof. We also provide a Possum Control 2 Year Warranty. Get a Free Fast Quote!

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