Restaurant Pest Control

by Pest Controller on September 28, 2013

1300 Pest Control specialise in Restaurant Pest Control. With Councils cracking down on Food Standards, local restaurants

are in the firing line. The Australian Standard Guidelines demand the highest level of hygiene within the food preparation industry.


Pest Activity in Restaurants indicate an unclean environment and reflects negatively on the quality of food and the restaurants image.


1300 Pest Control has developed a Customised Pest Management Program which maintains a total solution, keeping pests away from food preparation area and customers.

Using low toxicity products 1300 Pest Control delivers a Pest Management Program that is effective and safe to staff and customers.


Call 1300 737 826 for free quote.


We offer competitive pricing on all Commerical Pest Control Services and back our treatments with warranty periods.

Become one of the many restaurants who choose 1300 Pest Control to safeguard their name and reputation.


Contamination through Rodents, Flying Insects and Cockroaches (German Cockroaches) are most likely with Restaurants


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