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by 1300PestControl on October 28, 2018

Installation of a Termite Barrier system provides Termite Protection for your property

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Termite Barrier Protection

Termite Barrier protection falls within 2 main categories – Physical Termite Barriers and Chemical Termite Barriers.


Physical Termite Barriers are designed to physically stop termites from being able to enter your property through perimeter and/or under slab entry.


Chemical Termite Barriers act as either a deterrent for Termites, repelling them from the building or provide a poisonous concoction for engaged Termites to feed on and pass along to the rest of the colony.


There are several different types of Termite Barrier Treatment, including Biflex and Termidor. Termite Barrier Treatment cost does vary. 1300 Pest Control can provide free quotes on Termite Barrier cost for different forms of Termite Barrier Treatment.

Termite Barrier Installation

Our Termite Barrier cost is based on: (1) the number of linear metres around your property concrete slab and (2) the Termite Barrier Treatment applied.

Termite Barriers can be fitted during pre construction or post construction.

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