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by Pest Controller on May 20, 2018

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Our home is our most valuable asset so it’s vital that Brisbane properties invest in Termite Control. The three stages for complete Termite Control is carrying out a Termite Inspection, then if needed a Termite Treatment and then finally Termite Protection with a Chemical Termite Barrier.


Termite Technology has greatly advanced in the last several years. 1300 Pest Control technicians are trained using up-to-date procedures and are fully insured.


Termite damage often goes undetected because Termites eat from the inside out. Once detected the damage can be substantial so we strongly recommend an Annual Termite Inspection on your property. Finding Active Termites allows the technician to do a remedial treatment for termites which often can be transmitted back to the colony.


No one property is the same so by having a Building Inspection you can thoroughly know whether you have active termites, previous termite damage or live in a high risk area. Chances are you would have completed a Building and Pest Inspection on your property before you purchased it. Using this information along with advice from a qualified timber pest expert will show how to control termite infestation.


Once all the active termites have been treated the industry best practise is to install a chemical termite barrier. There are three main types of termite barriers which include Reticulation Systems, Treated Zones and Termite Baits. Which is best for your property is question for a qualified technician, that is why 1300 Pest Control offer free onsite quotes. Coming to your property removes all the guess work and allows us to provide an accurate quote.


At 1300 Pest Control we specialise in Termite Control in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We know how to control termites, so please give us a call and we can talk through options for the control of termites.

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