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by Pest Controller on November 4, 2018

Local knowledge counts when it comes to a Termite Inspection in Melbourne.

Pest experts are on call 1300 737 826

The suburbs of Melbourne fall under different Termite risk zones. Each Building Inspector has years of experience and knowledge in the industry and will advise if your property falls in a high risk area.

Termites, also known as White Ants are relatively slow eaters but because they eat wood from the inside out, by the time they are discovered considerable damage has already been done.


What is  a Termite Inspection?

All timber properties even steel frames houses are susceptible to Termite damage as part of the frame contains wooden structural elements. Eating wood from the inside out means Termite activity is only found after damage has been done.

Through our Termite Inspections the technician looks for signs of Termite activity. Structural timber frames, joists, rafters and bearers are inspected. Outside, foundation soils, landscaping timbers, pavers and trees are also examined.

Our technicians carry state-of-the-art equipment which aid in the Inspection of  Termites. This may include:

  • Thermal Radar – The Termtrac T3i is the worlds most advanced Termite Inspection device in the world
  • Moisture Meter – With Termites being made up of 95% moisture, this meter can help locate activity in a wall
  • Acoustic Probes – Assist in hearing Termite activity in walls
  • Video Inspection/Borescope – Allows visual inspection within walls, cavities and tree stumps

1300 Pest Control Building Inspections are carried out by trained, licenced and insured technicians. When searching for a company to do your Property Inspection make sure they have an up-to-date Timber Pest Licence. Some companies out there only have a general pest licence therefore cannot guarantee a thorough Home Inspection.


A Termite Inspection report will give an indication on current Termite activity and previous Termite damage. If activity is found we can conduct a Termite Treatment. For the best Termite Control we strongly suggest the installation of a Termite Barrier.


Use the best people in town and call 1300 737 826 for your Termite Inspection in Melbourne.

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