Termites – Prevention DIY Checklist

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by 1300PestControl on December 16, 2018

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The following handy housekeeping & gardening tips will help you to reduce the risk of termite damage to your home.


They do not replace the need for regular termite inspections by a qualified, fully licenced and insured professional pest controller.


* Damp conditions attract termites so deal with all plumbing leaks, drainage problems & roof leaks quickly.


* Minimise termite access by keeping plants & garden beds away from direct contact with the home walls. Replace with hard paving.


* Do not store things against outside walls as this can lead to easy access by termites without early detection.


* Do not allow soil or garden waste to block outside drains or ventitation openings in walls.


* Spaces under the floor must be kept well ventilated with airflow through vents not obstructed.


* Regularly check piles of stored timber or firewood for termite infestation. Keep all stored timber away from the home, stored in a covered and dry in an above the ground location.


* Remove dead trees and stumps as soon as possible.


* Use termite resistant timber for work carried out on your home.


* Metal stirrups should be used for setting pergola, gate and verandah posts in the ground.


* The use of untreated timber sleepers for retaining walls and garden begs should be avoided.


* Timber decking should be cleaned and inspected regularly.

1300 Pest Control is the Number you Know and Trust!

  • Our technicians can be trusted to carry out a professional job.  They have a full Timber Pest Licence, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.
  • All Pest Inspections are carried out to Australian Standards or greater.
  • Pest Inspections are very thorough, at least 1 hour for an average house.  The Inspector will need access to all rooms including the ceiling cavity.
  • The Pest Inspection is performed with an array of tools and thorough Visual Inspection of the premises.  These tools can include but are not limited to:
    • Moisture Meter – an electronic device that detects moisture migration.  Termites are almost 100% moisture and so this is a required tool in inspections.
    • Video Inspection/ Boroscope – allows inspectors to see inside of wall cavities, trees and other structures (only with the approval of the property owner).
    • Termatrac – Radar device. Termatrac is a valuable tool that is used to determine the likelihood of termite activity in a particular location.
    • Thermal Imaging – infrared technology that detects hot spots in wall cavities. Can assist in Termite Detection in conjunction with other methods of detection.
    • Inspection Probes (Sounding Donger)/ Listening devices – important for hearing termite activity within the buildings walls.
    • Pest Inspection Report – will be provided within 24 hours documenting termite activity and the risk of Termite Infestation.


Termite Control has advanced significantly in recent years. 1300 Pest Control supports Industry best practices and keep up to date with the continuing improvements in Termite InspectionTermite Treatment and Termite Prevention.

We service both the domestic and commercial sectors.  All enquiries welcome!

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