Termite Removal

by 1300PestControl on March 10, 2019

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The majority of work we do at 1300 Pest Control revolves around Termite Removal. If we conduct a Termite Inspection or a Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection and Active Termites are found, we have treatments that will kill Termites and their Termite Nest.


The number one question we are asked is how to get rid of Termites.

There are numerous ways to get rid of Termites and each property is different. Our fully qualified Termite technicians will access your situation, property type and termite specie before offering a treatment.

We offer competitive prices on Pest Control Services in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Tweed Coast.


Did you know there are seven Termite Species in Australia? Some are much more aggressive than the others. Depending on the species will determine where the Termite Nest will be. Our Termite technicians carry an array of tools (Including Thermal Technology) to locate the Termite Nests, from there we conduct the most appropriate Termite Treatment for Termite Removal.

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