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by Pest Controller on January 13, 2019

Our Pest experts are on call 1300 737 826

1300 Pest Control offers a Termite Treatment in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Whether it is a Targeted Remedial Treatment, Annual Termite Inspection or a Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection, you can reply on us to be thorough. All our technicians are fully insured and qualified.


1300 Pest Control specialise in Termite Protection.  These Termite Barriers surround the perimeter of your house and are the strongest form of Termite Control.


Prices vary depending on the building type, landscape, foundations and obstacles, because of this we offer a free Termite Protection Quote.


If you have located Active Termites then DO NOT disturb them. We can provide a targeted remedial treatment which will destroy the active termites. The faster you act the better chance we can destroy the whole Colony of Termites.


Treating termites should be left to qualified professionals, even flashing a torch will cause them to scatter.


There are several types of termites and all have different colony and feeding characteristics. 1300 Pest Control are completely trained with up-to-date practises. Experience matters and our technicians have long tenure in the industry.


Before any Termite Treatment we strongly recommend a Termite Inspection. This visual Timber Pest Inspection is completed in accordance to Australian Standards. Our Termite Technicians carry an array of tools can include the following;

  • Moisture Meter
  • Video Inspection (Boroscope)
  • T3i Termatrac (The most state-of-the-art Termite Thermal Radar System)
  • Acoustic Sounding Devices


1300 Pest Control guarantees peace of mind by ensuring all technicians are experience, qualified, insured and carry a current Timber Pest Licence!


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