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by Pest Controller on June 13, 2017

Pest experts are on call 1300 737 826

1300 Pest Control is Australia’s fastest growing Pest Control company which specialises in Termites throughout Brisbane.


Did you know there are several types of Termites? Each species has their own feeding and breeding characteristics and need to be treated accordingly. This is where experience in the industry matters. Our senior building inspector has completed over 4000 Building Inspections! With knowledge like that you can have peace of mind that you and your property are in good hands.


Termites are also known as White Ants and eat timber from the inside out, that’s why it is hard to detect Termite damage until it’s too late. With a Property Inspection our Building Inspector has an array of state-of-the-art equipment that assist in the detection of Termites.


If actives termites are found during a Termite Inspection it’s not panic stations! We can do a Termite Treatment that will carry back to the colony and potentially destroy it. Once active termites or previous termite damage are found it is strongly recommend you install a Termite Barrier. There are several types of termite barriers available so to work out which one is best for you we offer a free on-site termite barrier quote.


Nest disturbance isĀ  the most common cause for termite treatment failure. Minimise any disturbance and cover the location to avoid light and air flow. Do not use any house hold sprays on the Termites as this has no effect on treating the nest. The best thing you can do if you do disturb active termites is to collect a few of the stragglers so you can show the technician for a faster species analysis.

Termites in Brisbane hate 1300 Pest Control. It’s easy to be better protected. Call us on 1300 737 826 to find out the best way to stay ahead of the nest.


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