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by 1300PestControl on May 20, 2019

Termites are not the only pest responsible for timber damage.

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There are many species of Timber pests that seek an array of living conditions from decaying to dry woods to moist conditions.  From high temperatures to more moderate climates and treatment for different types of Timber Pests varies considerably.


Correct identification is the key to choosing the appropriate treatment method.


Some Timber Pests do not require any treatment or the infestation can be controlled by removing the affected timber or changing the conditions where the timber resides.  Other Timber Pests can be successfully treated chemically while others do not respond to treatment as effectively.


A Pest Manager who has undertaken training in Timber Pest Management should be able to identify your pest at an inspection and give advice on your treatment options.


Pre-purchase Pest Inspections differ to standard termite inspections as they also account for the reporting of all Timber Pests, not just specifically termites.  These include Borers, Fungi and Moss and information regarding detection of these is required to be accounted for on a written pre-purchase pest inspection report.


Overseas Origins.

Some people would prefer to self-treat pieces of furniture that are being eaten away by a timber pest.


In many instances, you are able to purchase over-the-counter oil based formulations that may help your problem.


Be responsible regards to any imported item.  If you suspect the timber pest that is destroying your furniture to be an overseas variety either call in a Pest Technician for identification or even try to get the pest identified by the Department of Resources or even an  Entomologist from a near by university.  All cases should be properly reported.

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