Toxicity of Pest Control Products – an interesting overview

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by 1300PestControl on July 29, 2018

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When you hear names like Hydramethynon & Chlorfluazuron you probably think that they sound pretty nasty. Let’s have a look at how the pest management products that we use stack up against some readily available household products.

1.         Chlorpyrifos – this is available as a DIY product from any hardware store, any man, woman or child can buy it & take it home to use in and around their home.


Chlorpyrifos has a lethal dose of only 48mg per kilogram of body mass. It is sold in 1 litre bottles. Its deadly stuff but anyone can buy & use it. Chlorpyrifos is banned in most parts of the world. We once treated a house where the client had unsuccessfully tried to treat termites himself using Chlorprifos. His wife had developed breast cancer at a time that coincided with after the application of Chlorpyrifos.


2.        Ibuprofen – sold as Nurofen & Advill tablets in the supermarket. In a chemist you can buy an Ibuprofen product to give to babies. A lethal dose of Ibuprofen is 171 mg per kilogram of body weight. Most babies have a birth weight of only around 3kg!


3         Caffeine – found of course in coffee & tea, chocolate & at high doses in energy drinks.  Lethal dose = 400 mg per kg of body weight.


4.        Amdro Cockroach Gel (Hydramethynon) – to consume a lethal dose, you would have to eat 500mg of cockroach gel per kilogram of your body weight. When a pest manager treats you home they would apply only 3 to 5 grams of cockroach gel to your home.


5.       Crackdown (pyrethroid) – used to treat cockroaches, spiders & silverfish in homes.  To consume a lethal dose, you would have to eat 10,000mg of this product per kilogram of your body weight.


6.        Requiem (Chlorfluazuron) – is a termite bait. Requiem is non toxic when ingested by people. That means that you can eat it & it won’t harm you unless you choke on the dryness of the powder.


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