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Termite Removal

March 10, 2019

Pest experts are on call 1300 737 826 The majority of work we do at 1300 Pest Control revolves around Termite Removal. If we conduct a Termite Inspection or a Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection and Active Termites are found, we have treatments that will kill Termites and their Termite Nest.   The number [...]

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Termites | White Ants | Facts

October 7, 2018

Pest experts are on call 1300 737 826 Termites, also known as ‘white ants’, serve an important function in nature by feeding on dead trees and converting them into organic matter.   There are approximately 350 species of termites in Australia & approximately 20 species can eat solid wood in buildings.   These particular species [...]

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