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by 1300PestControl on March 31, 2019

1300 PestControl use the most Environmentally Friendly and Safe Products that professional Pest Management are able to offer.

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Our Pest Technicians abide by these  practices as the products that we use for treatments are not just the safest that are available and comply with Australian Standards but are also the most effective in the treatment of Pests.


There are a few products that can be classed as truly organic such as Diatomaceous Earth, Borax, Neem Oil and pure Pyrthrum.  There are other products such as Sticky Traps, that are considered to be a more natural and safe option for the eradication of some Pests as the acting ingredient is sealed within the glue of the trap, leaving no residue.


The natural pest control products mentioned above that have real applications in our every day professional pest management are Diatomaceous Earth used in cracks and crevices and where it is unwise to use liquids.  It remains active as long as sufficient quantities are available for the insects to contact and also pure Pyrethrum for flushing out insects and quick kill measures.  Pure Pyrethrum has no residual activity after about 2 hours so has application in food processing and storage areas where knockdown of populations is desirable.


Most of the products we use are products derived from nature but are synthesied or modified versions that have been produced so as to be UV stable, therefore giving them a longer residual life (be that weeks or months), depending on the application rates and the medium they are applied to.


The products are on the Australian Standards approved list of treatment options when applied by a Professional, correctly and at the right concentrates.


To find out more about the Pest Control measures we use and your specific pest concern, please phone us on 1300 Pest Control.


For more information, see our article on Toxicity of Pest Control Products for Professional Use versus some everyday & DIY pest products.

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