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by 1300PestControl on January 20, 2019

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Found a White Ant Nest or White Ant Signs? Then you need Professional White Ant Control.

White Ant Pest Control requires a combination of White Ant Treatments, White Ant Removal and White Ant Protection.

White Ants Termite? White Ants is a popular term used when referring to Termites because they look like a White Ant. However, White Ants are not related to ants and are another group of insects closely related to cockroaches!

Pest Control White Ants – White Ants Control – White Ant Inspections

A White Ants nest can contain a colony of anywhere from a few hundred to over a million White Ant termites.


White Ant damage to your home is a real and costly threat.


The best White Ants Control method is an annual White Ant Inspection of your property by a Timber Pest Qualified Technician using the latest White Ant detection methods.

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White Ants signs

White ant termite damage often goes undetected because the colony eats from the inside out. For White Ants signs look for:


• Wood that sounds hollow when tapped
• Gaps or crumbling wooden beams
• White Ant mud tubes that run above ground and are built by the White Ant workers to get the colony from Point A to Point B across open ground without direct sunlight.

Pest Control White Ant – White Ants Removal

So you want to know how to get rid of White Ants?

Do not disturb the White Ants nest!

Instead, call in a White Ants control specialist to carry out a White Ants Inspection of your home, the foundations, the inner structural elements, fencing and all wood products in and around the house and recommend the most effective White Ant treatment to kill White Ants.

White Ant Management Systems

White Ant Management Systems include the use of physical White Ant Barriers, chemically treated zones (reticulation systems) and White Ant Monitoring & White Ant Baiting Systems.

‘Generally it is a combination approach of inspection, physical & chemical barriers that prove to have the most resistance to White Ant attack’.

A White Ant barrier can prevent an infestation and detect White Ant activity.

Physical White Ant Barriers

Physical White Ant Barriers are made from metal, crushed rock, wire mesh or other materials that White Ants find impenetrable. Barriers are required for new buildings and also can be retro-fitted to existing structures. Most manufacturers of these barriers require the Pest Controllers to be certified in the installation of their system.

Chemical White Ant Barriers – Treated Zones

Chemical White Ant Barriers are usually insecticide barriers placed around existing homes and/or under concrete slabs & foundations for new dwellings by professional pest controllers.  There are several different registered termiticides that can be used and are either categorized as ‘in-soil’ chemical barriers (applied to soil under or around the foundations of a building) or ‘in-plastic’ chemical barriers (plastic sheets containing insecticide that are installed like physical barriers).


Chemical Barriers are also known as White Ant Treated Zones & are a popular and proven method of White Ant prevention for new and existing structures. White Ants that do prey into the treated zone are repelled away. There are several types of White Ant Barriers available and they differ in upfront & ongoing costs, monitoring requirements, residual effects, structural differences & a property’s suitability.  It is a good idea to discuss what system best suits your needs with your Pest Control and White Ant Specialist.

White Ant Reticulation Systems

White Ant Reticulation Systems are physical barriers that also store chemical treatments and are designed to impede the entry of White Ants into the building as well as aid in the detection and eradication of White Ants if entry still becomes possible.

In some states of Australia, builders must have a physical White Ant barrier or a reticulation system installed before a concrete slab is poured for a new building.


With White Ants causing more damage in Australia than fire, flood and other accidental causes it pays for all new houses in all parts of Australia to be fitted with a White Ant Reticulation System.


There are a few reticulation models so it pays to discuss your options with your Pest Controller who will be able to assess your individual needs based on your geographical location, building structure & budget constraints and other variables. Most reputable reticulation systems available also require the pest controller to be accredited or certified with the installation and monitoring of these systems.

White Ant Monitoring & Baiting

A popular method used for White Ants control is “White Ant monitoring”. Small ‘bait stations’ generally cylindrical in shape are installed around the perimeter of a property and near areas that are conducive to White Ant foraging.  These monitoring stations are then checked regularly for signs of White Ant activity.  If White Ant activity is discovered then bait can be applied to these stations which worker White Ants will ingest and carry back to the nest, where the entire White Ant colony is exposed and infected.

Our say –

White Ants Control has advanced significantly in recent times.  All 1300 Pest Control branches support Industry best practices and we keep up to date with the continuing improvements in White Ant Prevention.


What works well for one house may not for another and all considerations such as cost, climate, building construction and location need to be taken into account before you decide on what White Ant Prevention best suits you.


The best thing to do is speak to an expert who is genuine about wanting to offer the right treatment for you.  Talk directly with one of our Branches who deal daily with the people who live and work in your area.

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