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by 1300PestControl on February 11, 2018

Pre Purchase Pest Inspections

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Face it, buying a house can be a stressful event.


Generally when you buy a property there is no Building and Pest Inspection Report to go by at all or also one that you can trust.  You want to do the right thing and ensure you are investing in what you think you are paying for so you will contract someone to do a Building and Pest Inspection.


Sometimes you can feel comfortable with the one company taking these two very separate modules on board all at once but our approach is different.


Align yourself with a professional company who performs either service and who can assist with arranging for the other and who can also liase with the real estate agent to save you time & needless stress when buying a house.


In other words, call on a Pest Controller for the Pest Inspection and a Builder for a Building Inspection.   Two experts is better than one expert in their chosen profession.


Things to note:


  • A pre-purchase pest inspection should be handled no differently to your annual Termite Inspection.
  • The inspection should be thorough and last for at least 1 hour for the average size home.
  • All outer buildings, fencing, decking etc should be checked as well as inside the roof void.
  • Your inspector should have appropriate equipment for the inspection such as a long ladder, torch, tapping equipment, moisture meters, listening devices as well as termatrac and/or  infared devices.
  • Inspectors should also have a camera to take photos which can be used for the written pest report.
  • It is important that the inspector can not only advise of Termite activity or damage but also to report on what peventitive measures are in place or what can be recommended from simple repairs to leaking taps, removal of garden beds against the perimeter of the house to specific barrier or monitoring systems.

Below are two real examples of the importance of getting a qualified person to do a Pre Purchase Pest Inspection for you before buying a new home.

The DIY Pest Inspection

Story 1: The DIY Pest Inspection

Recently completed a termite inspection and treatment on a property where the new owner felt he didn’t need a pest inspection as he thought he could spot any termite workings/activity.


Two weeks after moving into house he started to paint a wall and paintbrush went through!  We were called and Brad identified 6 separate nests in the house and damage to property was EXTENSIVE.


Nearly $4500 later for treatment/extermination and preventative work!!  It’s the closest our technician reckons it is the closest he has ever come to seeing a grown man cry!

Building and Pest Inspection Combined

Story 2: The 2 in 1 Building and Pest Combined

Recently  called to a property after contact by new owner.


She had one person complete both the  building and pest inspections.


He was a qualified builder who had completed a short termite course through an insurance company which allowed him to inspect, but not to treat, termites.


He did an inspection and said everything was great.


Client went to do final inspection three weeks later prior to handover and there was mudding all over living and dining room walls and in one bedroom.  There were also thousands of winged ants (alates) lying dead all over the floors.  She called the inspector who over the telephone said that nothing could happen in three weeks and everything was fine – probably just flying ants.


Two days following her possession of house she was wiping down walls and termites came gushing out of walls.


She called the building and pest inspector back who then came out and said, “Yep, you have a problem but unfortunately due to licensing restrictions I can’t treat them!’.


She then called us and our pest technician did a full termite inspection and found substantial activity in four different places as well as mudding leading up to weepholes.


This evidence had been there for months.


The client ended up having to spend nearly four thousand dollars and still will need to have extensive repair work done to the house.

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